Fluffy Particles, Solid Fats & Cholesterol Tests

How do you lower your LDL cholesterol 60 points in 4 weeks or less?

Get it tested twice.

Let me back up. Since August 2010, I’ve been on a “paleo-inspired” diet high in animal fats and low in grains and legumes (low as in “none”, see my post I Eat Staples for a full breakdown of my diet). I was first interested in the idea of utilizing evolutionary history to construct an optimal diet after reading the NYT article “The New Age Cavemen and the City” but I wasn’t convinced to give the diet a try until after watching the low-budget documentary Fat Head*, a mix between a response to Super Size Me and a debunking of the lipid hypothesis. Rapidly increasing my intake of red meat and saturated fat prompted many warnings about the consequences, namely that I would gain a lot of weight very rapidly. When the opposite occurred, warnings remained but they instead addressed the invisible and long-term risk of heart attacks. Given the stigma and fear surrounding saturated fat in this society, I probably gave someone a heart attack every time I drank heavy cream in public.

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I Eat Staples

Crunch crunch

This is what I eat. Click below the fold to read all about it!

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