The Impossible Free Speech Task

For fans of overturning Citizens United, how do you accomplish that task yet maintain the pillar of free speech? Well, it’s admittedly a little awkward. Observe:

There is little doubt that corporations play a big role in American politics. But the true corporate kingmakers are the mass media outlets that decide what news is fit to print, which candidates are “serious” and which issues are important enough to cover. Citizens United doesn’t change this so much as it levels the playing field.

Either you relegate freedom of the press to only established media corporations or get rid of the former altogether. I see no third method to overturning Citizens United.


2 Comments on “The Impossible Free Speech Task”

  1. Amused says:

    Yes, but … do you really think that giving money to a politician is a form of “speech” protected by the First Amendment?

    • bouchacha says:

      Direct campaign contributions is a separate issue regulated by other laws. Citizens United dealt with the corporations and the notion of political speech within the context of an election.

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