MPAA’s Bizarre Copyright Logic

MPAA’s legal counsel must really hate their jobs. How much bullshit can you squeeze out of an orange?

When you think about it, this is really quite crazy. They’re saying because they offer you an option to pay for a way too expensive, very limited option that might not really exist, you shouldn’t have the right to rip your DVDs. This would be like the recording industry claiming you can no longer rip CDs because they offer a limited locked down selection of music in an online store. People would revolt at such a claim, and they should find the MPAA’s ridiculous claims here equally as revolting.

If the MPAA stopped there, it would be crazy enough… but no, in the mind of Hollywood, they have to take it even further. They claim that because the ability to rip your DVD might take away their ability to keep charging you for the same content over and over again, that it goes against the purpose of copyright law. Seriously. They’re actually claiming that their ridiculous “windows” are “new business models” that copyright law is designed to encourage:



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