Things I Like: NPR’s Planet Money

Planet Money provides consistently high quality journalism on anything relating to the economy and economics. Listening to this podcast while I’m updating my financial records provides a quirky yet congruently pleasant way for me to pass the time. You should subscribe to this and here’s a sample of excellent episodes:

Who Killed Lard?: A look into the great battle of the early 20th century, the remnants of which are still fought today. How rendered pig fat went from being revered and widespread to being unseated by the now disgraced Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil.

Why Economists Hate Gifts: Explains the deadweight loss present in gifting, but also has an amazing experiment performed with a bunch of school kids to demonstrate the astounding benefits of trade.

The Past And Future Of American Manufacturing: U.S. Manufacturing has actually been going up this entire time. Did you know that?


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