How To Make Oil Out Of Dirt

Fantastic photo essay on how shale oil is produced.

[The trucks are] so large people say they can drive over a Ford F-150 like it’s a ‘speed bump’ — with this shot from outside a mechanic’s shop it’s easy to see what they mean:


Afghan “Instant” Camera

The most DIY motherfucker you will ever lay eyes upon:

Photo Requests From Solitary

This website compiles photo requests from inmates incarcerated in solitary confinement. Here’s an example:

Photo request: Trash can rolling down hill!
At 66 yrs. of age I try to use a little humor:
I want a picture of a trash can with the lid half off + on and 2 eyes peeking out of the half open lid as the trash can is rolling down the hill toward an incinerator with the caption: “I seem to be picking up speed I must be headed towards a bright future.”