The Big Picture

I used to think the only thing The Escapist magazine was good for was video game reviewer extraordinaire Zero Punctuation (This guy has more metaphors than…a barrel full of metaphors?) until I stumbled upon The Big Picture. It’s a series of 5-minute shorts where Bob, the host, nerds out about a given topic. This is very much worth watching, here are a few I really enjoyed:

A Nerd By Any Other Name: Hardcore sports fans are absolutely no different from nerds, including Cosplay.

Feeding Edge: Bob expresses the same sentiment I’ve had about the whole “Frankenfood” debate. I really don’t understand what exactly is the difference between the selective engineering that has been occurring since the dawn of civilization and what is done in a lab nowadays.

Continanity: Why I don’t read superhero comic books.

Hollywood History 101: This is seriously fantastic, part 1 of 3.

Keep up the great work Bob, you entertain, delight and educate all at the same time.