How to Profit from Death and Dying

Here’s a topic I almost never think about: How to dispose of my dead remains. It seems like my primary choice (cremation) is gaining in popularity. I can’t say the same about my second choice (eaten by pigs and therefore transformed into bacon) though. Innovation is not the first word that comes to mind when I think of the death industry but this is quite amazing:

The newest, greenest thing is called “alkaline hydrolysis,” a process that uses sodium hydroxide (basically, lye) and extremely hot, highly pressurized water to rapidly speed up the process of natural decomposition. The body is placed in a large tube with a square control base (upon seeing a picture, a friend of mine commented that it looked a lot like a bong, and it kind of does), bathed in chemicals and highly pressurized, and in a few hours all that is left is liquid and ash.


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